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SPT Logistic

Specialists in the storage and distribution of
chemical and conventional products since 1996

SPT Spain Portugal is a company established in the Iberian peninsula and comprised of professionals specialising in the storage and distribution of chemicals and conventional products.

Since 1996 we have been assisting leading companies in Spain and Portugal across various sectors, mainly the chemical industry, advising and making available our various facilities – well-prepared, modern and secure – the for storage and care of their products. At SPT know that each customer is unique and has different needs. Therefore, from the outset we stood apart from other logistics companies for our management, completely customised for each project.


This stance has given us access to in-depth knowledge of the needs of our customers, the industry, the countries where we operate, and their processes, allowing us to specialise as logistical consultants.


This knowledge, coupled with our teams’ experience and professionalism, allows us, among other things, to help our customers slash their costs and save time.


Above all, and most importantly for SPT, this approach has allowed us to forge relationships of trust with our customers, to ensure their success in the logistics field.





SPT Logistic – We built relationships based on trust



At SPT Logistic we understand that each customer is a unique and individual entity, with particular, specific needs. In this regard we stand out from other logistics companies, for our customised management of each project.


Our experience has endowed us with extensive knowledge of both our customers’ needs and those of the sectors and countries where we operate, as well as the respective processes associated with them, elevating our level of specialisation as logistical consultants.


Our array of time-tested knowledge, combined with our local teams’ experience and specialisation, along with our centralised leadership, allow us, among other things, to help our customers reduce their logistical costs.



We build relationships of trust with our customers.
We manage each project in a personalised way.
We provide our customers with sales support.
We possess thorough knowledge of the needs of our customers, and of the industry.
We help to transform our customers’ fixed costs into variable ones.
We specialise in Logistical Consulting.